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Welcome to massage therapy services provided by a highly trained, ethical and experienced licensed massage therapist seeking a healthier, relaxed, pain-free YOU.

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I am accepting new clients.

 Please don't let the stress of everyday living, caring and giving wear you down/out.

As a trained licensed caregiver AND massage therapist, let ME care for you for a simple hour of your busy day.  I can almost guarantee you will feel like a new person when we are done.  A full hour is sixty minutes not 45-50.


If you suffer with/from Diabetes and have neuropathy, be sure to get in touch with me to experience a new technique (amniogenesis) clinically shown to not only reduce/reverse diabetes but can relieve the pain and disfunction of the associated neuropathy.  Also IF you are in TN and want more information on Essential Oils and their clinical healing powers be sure to contact ME.


 Ongoing Special

          Well Health Promotion for body pains and flexibility.

Senior Citizens 50+ and anyone with a disability qualifies for the "To Your Health Special".Price for seniors- disabled ……………………………………$140.00

What you get

        1st session 1st week ……. full body massage               $ 35.00       

         2nd session 2nd week………adjustment                        $105.00

         3rd session 3rd week ………… full body massage          $0.00

         4th session 4th week………… adjustment                     $0.00

          5th session 5th week …………. Full body massage       $0.00

          6th session 6th week…………… adjustment                  $0.00

7th week 7th session full massage& program renewal    $105.00, if you come to me.              

  * Note the first session for seniors is always $35.00 You may purchase the program at the end of your first session by paying only 140.00.

How this program will help.

    As our bodies age, we lose flexibility in many of the joints, fluid builds up, stagnates and if not flushed may cause joint pain.  Doctors refer to this pain as arthritis.  Each session will utilize the central nervous system to realign the circulatory processes of the cranial-sacral system to get the fluids renewed.  The massage will stimulate the circulatory processes and flush the old stagnant fluid,  away from the joint.  Manual lymph drainage will be used to flush the fluids from the body and spontaneous muscle release techniques will be used to lift the muscle from the bone of the joint storing the fluid for greater release more long term relief.  As we implement the program to your health we/you will maintain a journal regarding pain and pain free days.  At the end of the 6th session of the 6th week, we will evaluate the program and its benefits to your overall “feel good” health.  Then the 7th week we will renew your program.  What is an "adjustment" you wonder; Imagaine your body is your primary vehicle for activities of daily living.  Just as your auto needs regular checkups, fluid top offs or changes so does your body.  Anadjustment is just that, you come in and will receive either a cranial sacral-assessment/adjustment which replenishes and recirculates body fluids or a body brushing and mld (manual lymph drainage which changes the old/stagnant fluid in the body as well as stimulates the lymph system.  An adjustment will also include manual work on any muscular/ongoing joint pain.  An adjustment session may last up to an half hour.


Fairly Recent EVENTS

Attended the Doterra Essential Oil Aromatouch technique course July 24, 2014 at  Scarrit University and then attended a CEU course called SMRT (Spontaneous Muscle Release Technique) in Sandy Springs, Ga Aug 1-3 2014 at Gwinnett Tech College.  Also, attended the world massage festival in Michigan City, IN July 11-13 2015 learning oncology massage for breast cancer, Core Alignment techniques for head neck shoulders, low back, hip and knees.


Today, 03/23/16,I start Reflexology school at the Nashville Academy of Reflexology next Tuesday.  I had the opportunity to drop in at the new Ashland City Massage Studio and meet owner, therapist, healer Sandra Klump at The Art of Touch 112 Frey St.  615 800-9817.  It is a warm and very inviting studio.  I even treated (Sandy) to a Cranial-sacral assessment; she was moved when I released two troublesome areas she was dealing with.  I will be offering my services there as well by appointment so look up the studio on Mind

Please know that I work from my home in Pleasant View, TN by appintment only.

on Monday. 91p-6p, Sat  2-6pand Sun 2p-6p .

and Friday 9a-2/3p at the following.

C K Hair Studio
306 Donelson Pike
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 883-1942 

 by appintment only Friday and Saturday. 10a-5p,

-Kelly Sanders


Current pricing at CK Hair Salon current salonclients- $40.00, new salon client is $60.00.

CK Client loyalty reward is:  agree to get  six (sixty minute massage sessions) at 60.00 per ($210.00) then get one free

rebook and then earn extra time.


New client pricing my home $50.00 (Incall).  My client loyalty reward is:  buy/refer four (sixty minute massage sessions) get 5th FREE!!


Kelly Sanders, LMT DSP
2565 Seven Acres Rd.
Pleasant View, TN 37146-9109
United States

ph: 615-746-3500
alt: 615-877-3830cell

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Kelly Sanders, LMT DSP
2565 Seven Acres Rd.
Pleasant View, TN 37146-9109
United States

ph: 615-746-3500
alt: 615-877-3830cell